SOLVED Block Spam from .ru domains?


Mar 21, 2017
United States
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The last couple days I have been getting a ton of russian spam and nothing I've tried has helped much. I've been trying to tweak spamassassin's to filter this, but I'm still getting quite a bit of spam.

I've been through the documentation, but I haven't seen anything to filter out cyrillic in the body of the email as the header filter is being bypassed. This is what I have added:

ok_languages da nl en fr de it es
ok_locales da nl en fr de it es no pt el

header LOCAL_CHARSET_RUSSIAN Subject:raw =~/\=\?koi8-r\?/i
describe LOCAL_CHARSET_RUSSIAN Contains russian charset that is not acceptable

blacklist_from *@*.ru

I'm still receiving emails in my inbox from .ru tlds as well. Not sure why this hasn't been working and I have restarted spamassassin after each change was well.

I've also tried the global filter in Cpanel by adding a new rule to block from @*.ru and I'm still getting a few hundred emails a hour from .ru TLDs.
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