Blocking access to cpanel A client request


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Jun 18, 2002

I have a client who has a problem with one of his friends hacking his site, he originally allowed his friends access by giving them all subdomains and access to his account, since then we totally deleted and rebuilt his account changing all passwords to very hard passwords, but they still seem to get in, what is the best way to prevent access to his cpanel or his databases in general so that only his ip will have access.

&&&&&&&is there anywyas you can block all ip except one specific ip to acessp cpanel?? and like don't let any other myphpadmin connect outside beside on server?? just wondering..becuase I have s static ip to there a way you can only allow acess only two ips that I have only??&&&&&&&&&

Just note:

we don't allow customer Telnet or SSH access.
we run Proftp
we run SuExec
In bastille I have blocked the ip's he sent me but doesn't seem to stop his friend.

thanks for any advice.


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May 8, 2002
Although it sounds strange that they still get can deny access to all and allow access only to one by using htaccess files.
Also if you know the ips of the intruders list them in the /etc/hosts.deny and hit a new iptables rule for their ips.