Aug 16, 2022
South Africa
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Hi all,

I want to have the ability to block certain plugins from being installed on WordPress websites we run. I have several client website hosted with me and they all have access to their WordPress dashboard. I want to be able to block certain plugins that we have identified as troublesome on the server side so they just get an error or something when trying to install that plugin.

How can I achieve this on cPanel. I’m pretty sure this is possible.

Kind regards
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! If you are using WordPress Toolkit there is an option to keep plugins from being installed through the WordPress Toolkit interface. This can be found in WHM >> WordPress Toolkit >> Settings in the "Plugin blocklist" area.

Any plugin that is listed there can't be installed from the WordPress Toolkit interface. If a user manually installs this plugin from the WordPress interface, it will be removed when WordPress Toolkit performs the next scan of their site.

I don't have a way to 100% prevent a plugin from being installed through WordPress at this time, although that sounds like a great feature request if you'd like to use the link in my signature to submit that. If you do that, I'll make sure to bring it up with the developers during next week's meeting.