Blocking port 80 and 443 allow Gdrive IP address

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Mar 14, 2015
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Hello, I am using cPanel and csf installed in it. I have blocked port 80 and 443. Now some of the services are not working. So, If I enable those IPs then it is working fine. Like on my wordpress website Akismet was not connecting after blocking the Ports. So I have allowed Akismet IPs and now it is working.
I have added gdrive backup system on my cpanel server for backup. After blocking these ports, backup is not being generated. So, I want to know what are the IPs of gdrive so that I can allow it in csf so that backup will be stored. I found this link in which there are no IPs but some of the domains.
Drive firewall and proxy settings - G Suite Admin Help


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Apr 8, 2003
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You don't mention if you are blocking these ports inbound or outbound but really these ports should be open both ways. Inbound needs to be open for your own web sites to show up and outbound needs to be open because lots of services rely on being about to download files and data over those ports.

There is no reason that these ports should be closed in either direction.