Bounce messages also to local domains

Sep 6, 2005

We have an exim4 acting as our mail server in "". Our mailboxes are "[email protected]", "[email protected]". We configured in /etc/valiases/ the catch-all for that domain as ":fail: Unknown recipient".

Well, when someone at "[email protected]" sends a mail to "[email protected]", he/she receives a bounced message with the SMTP error in his/her mailbox at gmail, but when "[email protected]" sends a mail to "[email protected]" the mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) doesn't send the mail, showing the SMTP error in the cilent itself.

What we want is the same behaviour that the one with non-local domains. So, we want messages to "[email protected]" to be bouced if they are sent by a local-domain user or a non-local one.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance (and sorry about my English :)


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Jun 15, 2002
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Exim is actually acting in the same manner to both, it's rejecting the connection at the RCPT stage, it's just how the sending agent reacts to the rejection that's different. One way is to send your email through your ISP instead of through exim directly, then you'd get the error. You could also try disabling the entry in the ACL section of the exim configuration editor that reads:

verify = recipient

However, doing this will likely increase the load of exim on your server and will lead you to receiving more spam. Other than that, you should probably have a trawl through the exim website.