Bounced emails going to the wrong address


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Jan 6, 2002
A user is having a problem with bounced emails going to the wrond address. The master user ID for the account is &tancred& and it is on our server

The user has setup several mailboxes on his account, and has discovered a problem. Namely, if he sends an undeliverable message as one of his users (other than &tancred&), it gets bounced back to the &tancred& email box.

Clearly it should bounce back to the mail box the message originated from. He is using NeoMail, so its definitely some server thing and not a client setup issue.

Any thoughts?

Thanks - Brian


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Aug 13, 2001
actually *with* neomail this is a normal result, as far as I have ever seen. First off are you sure he has his profile configured with *his* address in his neomail specs, or did it just default to the primary address?

Otherwise, I think this is actually normal, what you describe below, though definitely not optimal.

I smell a bug report perhaps?