Box trapper lists and wildcards


Sep 14, 2006
First replys should pertain to questions and not negative sly remarks about box trappers downside.

When using box trapper and setting up white, black, and ignore lists how is the order of checking determined ? I ask, because I am trying to set up a white list based on subject and found that if I give out a handful of made up key words I can ask the senders to just include their keyword in subject and dump anything else with a wildcard in the ignore list.

When I set up the ignore list using * at the beginning all the mail was dumped, including whats on the white list. Does box trapper check ignore list first, or is the order determined by directory entires ? If the order can be set up to check white list first and filter good mail through then using a wild card in ignore I can dump the rest. Of course this method may not be used for all email, in which case ignore can bet more selective.

IMO by using above method one can keep some personal email addresses without having to change it.

What is the syntax for use of any wildcards within these lists ?