Oct 13, 2006
I've been getting a lot of error messages from random mail servers. Someone is spoofing the from address on their spam, and have chosen my domain to pretend their spam is from.

So they go about their spamming, and whenever an error message is generated from the places they spam because of the recipient not existing, mailbox full, whatever, It comes back to me and makes it right through box trapper into my mailbox.

Based on that, I'm making a suggestion; before allowing an error message back, perhaps it would be best to check if the recipient the error message is referring to is on the white-list before delivering it... Or that a message was sent to that person in the first place.
This technique can also be used intentionally to deliver spam right through boxtrapper couldn't it?


Also if anyone has a suggestion on how to prevent those messages from coming through without blocking any legitimate delivery error notifications, I'm open to suggestions :)
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