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Box Trapper White List - what's allowed?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hostricity, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. hostricity

    hostricity Active Member

    Jun 22, 2004
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    Box Trapper shows some examples at the top of whitelist, but I want more information about this.

    For exaple:

    How do you whitelist all email from a particular domain as opposed to a single email address?

    Hiow about the subject contains "XYZ"? or the subject begins with "XYZ"? (It looks like the subject is an equals test so the entire subject must be "XYZ" for it to be whitelisted.

    Also, what about automatically whitelisting any email address to which you send email? It seems pretty crude to email someone and then challenge them when they reply.
  2. ruraltowns

    ruraltowns Member

    Apr 20, 2005
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    Boxtrapper Configuration

    Box trapper works fine ....

    To allow emails in WITHOUT forcing verification just add that domain or a specific to the email name in question's whitelist FIRST using the whitelist function...BEFORE you expect that person/company to email you! Ebay and Amazon are bad about this!
    Some banks, bill paying services, and companies emailing bills to you, that you DO WANT to see, may use a fake email address too.........

    We have been using boxtrapper for a long time now on our ISP Services and it really has only has ONE BIG DRAWBACK!

    IF you buy something online or others like mentioned above, SOME will send you your "YOU WON" or whatever from a FAKE EMAIL ADDRESS that is NOT REPLYABLE to....They never see your verification request boxtrapper sends..They do this so 1,000's won't try to repond to their emails/bills sent out and flood their servers with useless responses they don't need or want to see or answer!

    This type of email won't get to your email inbox because the address is NOT VALID and the mail server will fail in sending it to your inbox because it didn't verify..they never SAW IT!!

    HOWEVER, once you have gotten used to BoxTrapper, it is simple to check the Cpanel boxtrapper queue occasionally or whenever you think you are missing a message you should be receiving, and then just add that address to your whitelist by checking the message you DO WANT and click the box to whitelist/deliver it anyway! ALL non replies to your verifications requests to senders will be there in the queue until you do something about them!

    Most people probably only have a few instances where the default settings won't work!

    To see boxtrapper in action we have a test site you can go to:

    Do this.....send an email to

    Then.......log into our cpanel for this email name
    by clicking on this link...

    Enter "", exactley as shown, without the quote marks, as the user name and "testit", NO QUOTE MARKS, as the password!

    You will now see boxtrapper as a link, 3rd one to the right....Click on it...

    Click on the REVIEW QUEUE link..........

    You will see your email that was not verified yet there now!

    Check the box next to the message and then click on whitelist and deliver..then submit

    It now shows up in test2's inbox ...go look to see by continuning into Horde for example to test2's inbox!

    That person can now email and didn't have to verify.......

    If you're an Ebay'er say then just go into "Edit Forward/White/Black/Ignore Lists" and choose the whitelist link and enter *! NOTE: Don't worry about the weird syntax in the whitlist page. It converts your NEW input on the fly to the different syntax that it really needs to use/see to work....This will allow all ebay sellers to contact you WITHOUT verification first! Add your bank too or whoever you need to get through without having to verify!

    It's NOT PERFECT, but once you get used to it, it stops SPAM COLD!

    As we said, it's NOT adding * to the whitelist for example you also open your email account up to ANYONE using an address that HAS your email address to get to your INBOX ..WITHOUT VERIFING FIRST!

    Hope you liked this small tutorial and it helps you use/understand boxtrapper better....

    P.S. DO NOT try to use this email address to SEND email from....SPAMMERS..........The output of this account is set to the :blackhole in EXIM 4.52's configuration settings...Any attempt to do this will just send that message into OBVILION!

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