BoxTrapper client logs and Que limits


Mar 19, 2008
I'm new to WHM and my client has box trapper on but they only get about 500Meg of disk space how do I set a log size limit for box trapper, I'd like to prevent the log from getting over 50megs.
Basically I hope there is a place I can set the limits for
the log
the queue
the verifications
Seems like there should be an automated way of preventing it from using the clients disk space up just like adding limits on email disk space usage.

Anyway if anyone can explain where I set these box trapper limits that would be great.

person1/boxtrapper 248.99 Meg
person1/boxtrapper/log 226.80 Meg
person1/boxtrapper/queue 20.71 Meg
person1/boxtrapper/verifications 1.32 Meg
person1/.boxtrapper 0.01 Meg

FYI, I happen to LOVE BoxTrapper and my clients love it too, I had one client who said she was getting over 100 spam messages a day and with box trapper she now gets only about 3, this software is great, I'm sure it may use more resources but well worth it! I'm sure it could use some work though