Boxtrapper doesn't work with Forwarding


Jan 31, 2006

I'm frustrated with the way that the cPanel email enhancement tools fail to work together.

For reasons best known to cPanel folk, Boxtrapper isn't the first line defence. If I set up forwarding for an email address, messages are forwarded BEFORE they hit Boxtrapper, thus ensuring I receive all the spam unfiltered at the forwarding address. This renders forwarding useless.

It's the same with Autoresponders. If I set up one of those, mail that Boxtrapper bars from entering my inbox whilst it waits a verification reply, is responded to by the autoresponder - "I've received your email, I'll deal with it asap" etc....

When the verification message is received by Boxtrapper, the queued message is sent on to my inbox AND the autoresponder replies yet again, this time to the emailer's reply to Boxtrapper's verification message.

What seems like a really impressive set of email tools, is negated by the fact that Boxtrapper isn't sitting in the right place in the queue.

Any support for a push on this? My Hosting Company say they've approached cPanel about this issue and were told that it might be remedied in a future release, but there's nothing more positive than that.

Pete Clayton
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Boxtrapper has always been worthless. Read the numerous other threads

Complaint #1
I have one box: [email protected]
with BoxTrapper enabled,
and few other emails that forward mails to this box, for example [email protected]

even if this address: [email protected] is whitelisted, in the nospambox whitelist the message is still not delivered and is in waiting queue.

Complaint #2
I have received several emails that boxtrapper should have caught, but which were instead delivered to my inbox. I logged into my cPanel and discovered that there is neither a log nor a queue available for 1/23/2006. This leads me to believe that something has happened to break the software. I have not made any recent changes, so I'm not sure.

Complaint #3
I have BoxTrapper activated for some of mail accounts, but this sends a confiration request for a spam email this bounce and goes to my default mail box ... which is full

Complaint #4
I have enabled the "BoxTrapper" feature. I have noticed that it is not sending out any confirmation e-mails, nor am I receiving any e-mail in my "protected" e-mail account. I have even checked the BoxTrapper queue to see if the emails are there. They are not.

These are between 2 different cpanel (identical configs) hosting servers.

Hopefully someone will make this a bit more stable. It could be promising.


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Jun 15, 2002
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I'd add:

Complaint #5
Boxtrapper should be removed and never used. It only adds to the spam problem and is a sure fire way of getting the whole server blacklisted on spammer RBL's.


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Sep 20, 2002
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Yep, get rid of it. He had a client scream at use because they enabled boxtrapper on an account and then complained people were getting challenge e-mails that they refused to reply to. We told them to disable boxtrapper and all was fine.

Definitly more headaches then it solves.