Dec 3, 2006
I've tried asking my own webhost provider why this is happening, but they have absolutely no clue at all, and have pretty much given up. I'm considering moving from their service.

However, I'm still quite perplexed at how boxtrapper is failing exactly.

Basically I'm still getting spam emails, a lot of them. I have autowhitelist on, but none of their emails show up there (if that were the case, I'd just lock my whitelist down). In fact, the emails that show up in my inbox don't seem to be registered by boxtrapper at all. It's like the service doesn't even register their presence in any of the logs that boxtrapper has...which makes no sense, as all the whitelisted emails that I have pass right on through and are logged accordingly.

From what I read, this is a deny all service, the only exception being on your access list. I'm a little curious as to how this is happening.


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Jun 27, 2003
I know this may sound drastic, but, I've noticed that occasionally an email address is created that doesn't work with Boxtrapper. The only way to get Boxtrapper to work for it is to delete the email account, then recreate it and enable Boxtrapper on it. Then it works. Never know if this is going to help until you try though. Could be something else. But it's like a kick in the pants to get Boxtrapper to work with some email accounts. I think it might have something to do with how old those accounts are - like were they created before Boxtrapper became available on that system. Just a guess.