Boxtrapper: forged email to self


Nov 19, 2004
Boxtrapper is great. But some of my clients
email reminders to themselves, and want to
see their own posts to a special-interest
mailing list.

Boxtrapper always rejects emails from yourself,
Queuing possibly forged email to self ...

Adding your own email to the white list does
not help. Under Cpanel | Boxtrapper | Manage |
username | Configure Settings, there is an
Email addresses going to this account (comma
seperated list) That is set by default to the
user's full email address. If I change it to
something else (garbage) there is no change in
behavior. What is this setting for? (I was
hoping altering it would stop the rejection
of "email to self".

The whitelist file looks clean (no blank lines
or phantom "from") and I have tried on fresh
accounts. Adding "from [email protected]"
does not help. Adding "subject tomyself" to
the whitelist, and and putting tomyself in the
email's subject line does not help. In Cpanel |
Queue clicking to whitelist and deliver such
emails just adds [email protected] to the
white list a second time, which doesn't help.
It seems that Queuing "email to self" without
a Challenge message going out is hardwired and
there is no way to configure around it. I have
users giving up on Boxtrapper because of this.
Is there ANY way around it?

How would I report this as a bug? Who wrote