BoxTrapper Problems Anyone Else??


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Feb 23, 2002
I have a client that is trying to work through boxtrapper and see if it works properly. He reported so far the comments below. Has anyone else had these same problems? If so do you have a fix for them?

I initiated boxtrapper and a couple things have cropped up..

one, when I select a message from the review queue, and tell it to deliver the message only, not alter any of the lists, I get this message: The requested action was been completed: queued message from [email protected] delivered. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

The message appears to be delivered, but it reporrts and error? I edited the email address to make it generic..

Also, I get email from mailing lists, I do not want to force everyone on the mailing list to respond to a boxtrapper ackknowledgement message, Is there a means of white-listing the address of the list that appears in either the TO: file or the Reply-To: field. I've tried that and am not sure its working..

Also, it appears that some of these spammers can actually reply to the message and get on the whitelist.. They are some of the most useless messages too.. Go figure.

Also noted a couple of very strange messages that got delivered, they look like this? Not sure if its related to Boxtrapper or not.

Date: //2000
From: N/A
Subject: N/A All headers
Let's get one thing straight: Expedition Everest, Legend of the =20
Forbidden Mountain, opening in 2006 in the Asia section of =20
Disney's Animal Kingdom, is not, strictly speaking, a roller coaster.=20

It looks like parts of a Disney message that also made it through boxtrapper. When reviewed the Disney messages, they were incomplete. Its like the header and body got separated..

Final Boxtrapper thought for the moment. There needs to be a means of clearing the queue. I get slew of spam and after I've cleared or accepted those that I want to recover and there is nothing left, I want to be able to purge the queue and start it over. I guess I could set a short 1 to 2 days on it, but If I get busy and don't review the queue , I could purge messages I may want to recover until the whitelist is complete and I can control better the acceptance of messages via lists..

Well I had to disable Boxtrapper. I found that it was sending the confirmation messages to one or both of the lists I particpate in. Unless Boxtrapper can whitelist a field within a message that identifies it as a list, (usually reply-to), I cannot use it on my current mailbox.

The only workaround I can think of is to create another mailbox change my subscriptions and protect my main mailbox and leave the mailbox for the list un-impeded from spam utilities for my lists..This is a bit of a pain, but its always an option. If there are some impending changes coming to Boxtrapper based on my feedback that might resolve this issue, would be interested in knowing what they are and when they are implemented. -
thx Support Ticket Number: 41593


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Jul 14, 2003


I regret to inform you that your client has identified problems that apparently don't have solutions (yet? hopefully). I have been using BoxTrapper for a little bit now and have seen these (and others) as well. I don't think there are any good workarounds. We just need to keep banging on the cPanel folks and hope they integrate fixes to these issues soon.


-Danimal :cool: