Boxtrapper questions and suggestions


Nov 3, 2003
I have a few questions/comments about Boxtrapper.

First, from where does this software come? Is this a Cpanel created script? I can't find anything on it via the web. Not even a Dejanews mention (very rare!).

Second, if a users mailbox has a queue set, how can I allow them access to that queue to validate/reject their mail? It appears that only the cpanel user has access.

Third, a suggestion (assuming this is a Cpanel script), PLEASE add checkboxes to the queue review screen, to simplify multiple deletes/rejects, etc. Perhaps a 'perform action on these messages' button, which then shows the options available.

Fourth, in the queue, how about newest messages first. Please. :)

That's pretty much it. This seems like a good tool, but I'd like to learn more about it.



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Jul 14, 2003
some answers...


1) It's an ASK-based tool. I think that it's basically ASK with lots of mods. It's certainly a cPanel-integrated tool and not a separate stand-alone tool. It's also definitely a work-in-progress and still has some bugs and missing features.

2) The user can log into WebMail and they'll see a [BoxTrapper] link at the bottom (on the page that shows the webmail systems available).

3) A great suggestion. There are quite a bit of cleanup things that they could (should) do to the queue management.

4) Again, good idea. Breaking up the queue by day is very silly, if you ask me. Just treat it like an inbox: have it show ALL the queue, with options to sort/filter/etc.


-Danimal :cool: