BoxTrapper verification NOT working at all.


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Oct 2, 2003
Hello everyone.

I read a few posts about BoxTrapper, especially about the trick of killing the email account and recreate it (when possible) to force BoxTrapper to work.

At the moment, this is my situation...

Being the great majority of my customers Italian, I had the modify the original confirmation and verification messages as follows:

---- verify.txt -----

To: %email%
Subject: !!! ATTENZIONE!!! VERIFICATION NEEDED!!! La vostra mail a hos*******.net richiede una verifica!!! #%msgid%


Grazie per aver contattato XXXXXXXX!

Il messaggio che avete spedito richiede che verifichiate che siete realmente una persona umana e non un sistema automatizzato di spam (email commerciali non desiderate).

Per completare questa semplice operazione (una volta per tutte) semplicemente rispondete a questo messaggio lasciando intatto l'oggetto della email con il codice di verifica.

Sarete automaticamente autorizzati e il vostro precedente messaggio (e quelli futuri dallo stesso indirizzo email mittente che avete usato) saranno recapitati al destinatario.


Thank you for contacting XXXXXXXXXX.

The message you just sent to requires that you prove to be a human being and not an automated spam source.

To complete this verification (once only), simply reply to this message and leave the subject line intact.

You will be automatically verified by our anti-spam system and the message you sent (as well as future messages from the same sender email address) will be delivered.

The headers of the message sent from your address are show below:

------ returnverify.txt --------

To: %email%
Subject: Re: %subject%


Grazie per aver spedito il codice di conferma. Vi confermiamo che la verifica è andata a buon fine.

Da questo momento, i vostri messaggi saranno recapitati senza alcun bisogno di future autorizzazioni, a meno che non spediate ad un DIVERSO DESTINATARIO del nostro dominio.


Thank you for your verification message. You have been successfully verified.

Please note that if you will need to send an email to another address within our domain, you will need to go through the verification process for THAT ADDRESS ONLY.
What happens is that the verify message is sent to the sender correctly (which is just what is meant to happen!)

Although "Enable automatic whitelisting" is enabled, the sender replies to get verified and, instead, keeps receiving the verify message over and over (at times up to 30 times!!) and does not get whitelisted at all!

There is obviously something strange somewhere... I do not manage to see where though... :(

Can anyone please kindly help me to troubleshoot this issue?

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Jul 23, 2005
I had same problem

The only solution that worked for me was to leave the default verify message as it is. If you edit it at all, it seems to break the whole process, even if you include the required bit

I left it as default, and it works, even thou there is no reason for me to send back to my users their complete header info, it seems boxtrapper can't deal with it unless it's all there.

You could try a few tests playing with %msgid% in different places
and see if it works. Also try leaving the complete headers in there.

It's a fantastic feature, it's too bad it's not polished as yet.

Good luck!


Oct 15, 2005
have Boxtrapper bugs been reported?

Although "Enable automatic whitelisting" is enabled, the sender replies to get verified and, instead, keeps receiving the verify message over and over (at times up to 30 times!!) and does not get whitelisted at all!
I'm sad to hear that the Boxtrapper whitelist is still not working.

I stopped using Boxtrapper about a year ago or more since my friends and family got tired of it.

They would get themselves verified succesfully but then after about 2-4 weeks, then they would have to verify again. They kept on having to do this every few weeks.
Boxtrapper was somehow ignoring the whitelist after a time had passed for those who had already verified.

In other threads here, people are asking how to remove Boxtrapper from the menus. I don't blame them.

However I would like to see the verification and whitelist checking fixed (instead of my friends having to reverify every 2-4 weeks.)
cPanel people, I'm willing to help test it.

Does anybody know if these bugs have been reported yet to ?
If they have been reported, we can go there and add our "vote" to having them get fixed.
If more people vote for Boxtrapper to be fixed then maybe Boxtrapper will receive higher priority.

Roger Brown
Provo, Utah, USA

P.S. Other than Boxtrapper, I really, really like cPanel -- a definite time saver. thank you! :)
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