Browser shows "cannot display the webpage" when trying to access webmail


Mar 9, 2012
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Hello, I have a client who is trying to access his webmail from 4 computers located within a small network in a business. When I try and go to / I am hit with the cannot display webpage error from every computer in the office. The computers in the office are not joined to a domain, so the security on them is pretty lax. I can access the page from any other computer that is not connected to his switch. I have been searching for hours on this and have tried all of these suggestions without success:
-reset IE
-Clear cookies, browsing history, and cache
-uncheck use tls 1.0 and check use ssl2.0 and ssl 3.0
-added the site to trusted sites with lower security
-tried other browsers
-deleted all temp files in %temp%
-checking other sites that require login credentials with no problems

there could possibly be more that i tried, but my mind is fried from poking around!! There is the issue that somehow his password to his router was changed so I am unable to log into his linksys wrt54g to check the settings in there. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!


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Nov 25, 2007
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Re: Browser shows "cannot display the webpage" when trying to access webma


If for any reason this does not work on your server make sure you recompile apache proxy support and enable allow proxy subdomains in tweak settings.