bug: auto-responder is case sensitive?!


Aug 12, 2003
my host has cpanel build 9.4.1-STABLE 65 installed, and I found a pretty weird little bug i wanted to tell you about.

the issue is that when setting up auto-responders, the configuration interface ALWAYS lowercases the definition of the responder address... which is ok, except that it appears to be case-sensitive and not match against forwardering addresses that may be set up with mixed case.

for example, if I have a forwarding address set up like:
[email protected]

I attempt to set up an auto-responder when he goes on vacation, and the interface converts my entry to [email protected].... and it does NOT match and send me an auto-response.

I would suggest that you make it possible to define an auto-responder with mixed case, and remove the case-sensitive match (standard practive for email addresses)

Additionally, it sure would be nice to have a more streamlined interface to turn a "vacation" message on/off right from the list of forwarding/pop addresses rather than have to re-enter the target responder address.