Mar 29, 2011

Could someone tell me if the cpanel already corrected this bug, and if so where can I find this fix thanks

Bug 667
Summary: Dovecot authentication bug - missing close

I'm using SMTP auth with Exim authenticating against Dovecot's auth
socket. The (excellent) SMTP test tool "swaks"
(www.jetmore.org) tries multiple auth mechanismus
consecutively which leads to the following message in Dovecot's log

Error: auth(default): BUG: Authentication client gave a PID 6738 of
existing connection

This bug can be fixed by adding a "close(fd);" in src/auths/dovecot.c.
Without the close()-call Exim does not shut down the connection and a
subsequent connection (announcing the same client PID during
handshake) will fail. You'll most likely see the above warning message
if a SMTP client tries multiple auth mechanisms with a wrong password.

Would be nice to have this fixed upstream in the Exim source.

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