[BUG] Failed login using BlackBerry Playbook (2.0)


Jul 1, 2008
There are a lot of threads that are older then 2012 with the same problem. If you're trying to use a BlackBerry Playbook to login into cPanel (WHM or Frontend) it only refreshes login page with this message:
Cookie session invalid. Please log in again.
And since 2011 there is nothing that cPanel has done to fix this.

Someone mentioned it should be suggested as a feature - why?
If this thing can work on iOS and Android - why it shouldn't work for Playbook OS also? - i don't need an App for QNX OS, I just want to login the website and maintain server while on road.

I know there is a way to install 3rd party app and configure it etc. - but doing so, just to override the native browser is a little too much.

I really wish that this problem would be fixed in the next upcoming update. It's an age of tablets guys... you really should've checked cPanel with all mobile OSes...


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Oct 2, 2010
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If you feel something is a bug, please submit a bug report at http://go.cpanel.net/bugs location. The forums aren't used for bug report submission. Thanks!