SOLVED Bug on API 2 Functions - Email::listpopswithdisk


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Feb 13, 2008
A couple days ago (probably when v66.0.15 was updated) our servers started to fail on this API 2 function:

It was working perfectly on my servers for many years, but now it's failing without a reason. It's easy to fix tho, all you have to do is create a new e-mail account and delete it. But sometimes if you change a account quota, the problem returns.

Here's the response i get from the API:
No data returned from cPanel Service

Can you fix this function please? Thanks!
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @ruiz,

We are addressing the issue with xmlapi and the Email::listpopswithdisk cPanel API 2 function as part of internal case CPANEL-15452. I'll update this thread once we publish the resolution.

Also, keep in mind that cPanel & WHM Version 70 will be the last version to support XML-like output of our API functions. Here's a quote from the March 2017 Development Update:

  • XML-like output of APIs
    The XML-like output of our API (often called the XML API) is already officially deprecated, and cPanel & WHM Version 70 will be the last version to support this output. Integrators and API users will want to begin switching to use the JSON output of the API now. The XLM-like format has long caused problems for integrators and developers because it is not valid XML, and we find that removing it completely will help reduce that.
Thank you.