Bug on application manager with socket.io?


Sep 2, 2021
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After struggling A LOT, I finally was able to figure out the solution for my topic here: Have node.js installed but cant get socket.io to work it turns out that when registering the application you MUST leave the Base Application URL field empty, no matter what folder you plan to access your app from.

Lets say my domain is example.com and I want to install my chat on a folder called myapp so you can access it from here:


as registering the app, you come across a filed that says:

Base Application URL: Enter the application’s base URL. After you register the application, you can use this URL to access it.

common sense tells you to enter "myapp", right? Well, IGNORE that because if you enter anything else than a single / your socket.io app wont work. In order to be able to access it from the folder you want you must declare it within the app.js file like this:

app.get('/myapp', (req, res) => {
then your app will work. However, notice than your ENTIRE DOMAIN will be now under the node.js, server, not only the folder where you access the app from which I dont think is right.

I dont know whether is a cpanel bug or a socket.io bug but I think its something it must be fixed because it will save the users HOURS of frustration.

Thank you.
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Jan 12, 2021
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Hello! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I think it would be best to open a support ticket so that our analysts can review the issue more thoroughly and determine what exactly is occurring. You can submit a support request using the "Submit a ticket" link in my signature below.

Please be sure to link this thread when opening the ticket and provide the ticket number here so that we can track the issue appropriately. If possible, please post the resolution on this thread as it may help other community members with similar issues.