Nov 16, 2003
buildapache.sea goes missing -SOLVED

Attempting to recompile apache just now after updating server and system software and scripts (which never actually update) I got the message 'no such file' for buildapache.sea. I looked in /home/cpapachebuild and it was indeed missing, so I downloaded the latest version from the cpanel scripts page and copied it up to the server. When I ran the compilation again I got the same message, and lo and behold buildapache.sea had been erased. So, apparently the compile process first deletes it then copies it down again from the cpanel site, but must be failing to find it to download, which is the source of the error, not that it cannot find it on my server.

[ It turned out to be that I had chmod'ed wget as a security precaution, which then prohibits the easyapache script from downloading the latest version of buildapache.sea. Restoring user execution permission did the trick.]
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