Bulk Creation of Mail Forwarders?


Sep 26, 2006
Due to the bad planning originally I want to swap round my arrangement with email addresses on my domain.

Originally I had the default forwarding to my main account and blocked individual addresses I didn't use any more.

Now because of the number of mail bounces where spammers have forged some random address from my domain I need to reverse the arrangement and block by default and allow just specific addresses through. However.....

Because of my habit of using a different email address for each site I've registered with I have a long list of addresses that should be allowed (I'm going to grep them from my mail archive). Is there a way I can add a list of forwarders from a file rather than going manually through every one in the control panel?


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Oct 4, 2006

To set the forwarders in bulk:

You can create the one mail id as your mail email and all the other email address (that you wan tot allow)set there as a forwarder so no need to go each cpanel.

Try this
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