May 7, 2020
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Thanks for the advance warning cPanel that you were closing BuycPanel and for giving us plenty of time to move the licenses you couldn't be bothered selling like SolusVM slaves. It's really appreciated! Not one of my BuyCpanel licenses was moved over to the cPanel store. You could have at least sent an email to tell us we had to make other arrangements.


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @KevJ

I'm very sorry for the experience but I can assure you that we did communicate on this issue multiple times. On March 23rd we sent an email detailing what this process would look like and once the licenses were moved we sent you an email indicating what was migrated.

In your case, some 3rd party licenses were not migrated and this was noted in the communication to you. I noticed you also have a ticket open where this is being discussed as well with our Customer Service Supervisor who is doing everything she can to assist you. This isn't an overnight thing either, it looks like per my discussion with her that you have until the end of May (May 23rd) to renew the licenses we don't offer elsewhere, furthermore, you've not been invoiced for them.

Jennifer let me know she's going to provide you a detailed listing of what was migrated and what wasn't and I believe information on how to move forward.