bzip compression and phpMyAdmin


Jan 23, 2009
I noticed that bzip compression is not an option in the phpMyAdmin Export function. gzip and zip are there. These are usually enabled via these 3 options in

$cfg['ZipDump'] = TRUE;
$cfg['GZipDump'] = TRUE;
$cfg['BZipDump'] = TRUE;

I took a look at

I didn't see any of these options enabled in that file, however gzip and zip show up in phpMyAdmin so they have to be enabled somewhere. bzip has been enabled in PHP on our servers.

So the question is how can we get bzip compression enabled? Do we just need to add the "$cfg['BZipDump'] = TRUE;" line into the or is there more to it? Why would zip and gzip be showing up, but not bzip?


Jun 24, 2005
You could update the configuration for Cpanel's phpMyAdmin installation
but an issue you will likely run into is that Cpanel will overwrite the
configuration whenever Cpanel is updated.

The same issue exists with Cpanel's copy of SquirrelMail which could
have a lot of extra themes and options added available for Squirrelmail
except that Cpanel overwrites the config with every update.

You can set the config files for these third party applications to
immutable (chattr +i) but I have found that causes more problems
that it solves sometimes with these items so on our servers, we
installed our own separate installations of phpMyAdmin and Squirrelmail
with better configuration options of our own choosing deployed on
wildcard subdomains available to every domain on the server:

http://mysql.* = Our phpMyAdmin installation

http://mail.* = Our Squirrelmail installation

This solution works pretty well and specifically allows us to always have
the newest and latest versions of these applications usually well ahead
of Cpanel including the same updates although you might want to go
ahead and also contact Cpanel directly and make a request to update
to allow for custom configurations of the included 3rd party applications
or perhaps go ahead and enable options like the Bzip2 you mentioned by default.