Sep 22, 2002
I'm an end user of CPanel, as a Web Designer I use a WHM/CPanel based reseller account because it gives me great flexibility and easy management of client accounts.

However, my current hosting provider for the last two years has just pulled the same stunt on me as my previous one did:

All my 13 CPanel accounts (under a single WHM account) Webalizer statistics froze last month between 15th and 27th. They failed to restart on 1st May. When I complained and asked them to be particularly careful NOT to loose any historical data they managed to restart a couple (briefly), lost all but three months data on one (an important client of course...) and the rest remained frozen.
I asked again, and complained about the lost data, asking them to please avoid any further loss.
I was told the loss was caused by a Webalizer update and was unavoidable, but that everything was fixed now.
24 hours later the situation remains unchanged... NONE of the accounts statistics work.

Now, my remedy is pretty obvious, BUT, before I go find yet another web host with CPanel (I thought this was sensible previously as relocating large sites with lot's of add ons on a system you are familiar with has got to be easier than jumping into a whole new system?) there's something I need to know:

Is this 'CPanel updates automatically and is responsible for everything that goes wrong' line my current and previous web hosts have used to explain an identical problem occuring twice in a two year period true?

I am very sceptical as I can't see web hosting companies putting up with this sort of mayhem occuring regularly, with the inevitable customer complaints and turnover, while paying the vendors of WHM/CPanel for their software.

If the excuse is BS, I've got to find a competent host (ha!).
If not I have to find a competent host who doesn't use CPanel and tough out the hassle of settling 13 substantial accounts into a completely unfamiliar hosting environment.

I'd be interested in hearing comments from other users.


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Jan 10, 2004

I can understand your frustrations!

True, sometimes cPanel releases updates that may accidentally "break" things, but when they are made aware of these issues, they are usually very quickly remedied.

In your case, it seems more likely that your host, in an attempt to squeeze out as much "cash generating" space, might be rotating/deleting logfiles in an accelerated manner or they are running very high cpu usage levels.

Personally, for my peace of mind (and my resellers and virtual clients as well), I set my box(es) to manually update and ensure that I have a complete/curtrent backup of everything before I update cPanel/WHM.

As well, I hate to run a box with any partition that is more than 80% used. I would rather add another box, eat the cost and continue to provide a high level of performance rather than trying to squeeze an extra dollar or two out of a maxed out unit.

Not knowing your particulars, you may actually want to consider getting a dedicated server of your own. 13 clients at $16.00 bucks a month would cover your "nut" on a $200/month server;)


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Nov 10, 2001
ON, Canada
We do manual updates and do hit small bugs now and then, but they have always been fixed within a day or 2. It sounds like they do manual updates also, but don't update often enough, or don't notice bugs and update again to fix them.