Jul 21, 2012
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Website Owner
I have been trying for 2 days now to get my site up, and it is driving me crazy because I just cannot seem to get it working correctly.

I have a one page website that also includes some css and some Jquery. I have managed to get the ftp to work and the files are uploaded to cpanel. However, I am not sure that they are in the right place because I cannot get my site to work. They were uploaded to the public/html folder.

I uploaded a www folder which on my computer holds all the sub folder of the site. They look like this:
> css

within those subdolders hold all of the elements. I have attached a screen shot of what I see on my end in cpanel hoping that someone can help with some direction as to where I put these folders so that the site will work properly. Am I doing something wrong? Sorry for my ignorance :)