Caldav and Carddav authentication error with [email protected]


Apr 21, 2020
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I'm trying to connect a user's calendar [email protected] to his mac's calendar.

There is no way.

When I put the username and password it always gives an authentication error.
https: // <domain>: <port> / rpc / principals / <email>

On the other hand, I can connect it with the general cpanel user and the cpanel password.

Is it working for someone?

My settings:
CENTOS 7.9 virtuozzo v90.0.17
Horde: Groupware 5.2.22

I've been looking for information and possible solutions for days and there is no way to find how to make it work.

All help will be well received !!


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Dec 31, 2014
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Hey there,

Thanks for opening a support ticket with our team. I see Samual has replied regarding your issue.

I created an email account ([email protected]) and I confirmed I was able to add the calendar for this account to the Calendar application on my Mac. From the "Calendar" main menu in the application, I selected "Add Account" and simply entered the username and password. This was all that was required, as the rest of the settings were automatically negotiated. However, if you can also select the "Manual" option and refer to the instructions on the following page for adding an account to the Calendar application in MacOS:
If you're still facing issues, please update us and we can take another look.
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