CalDAV verification fails on iOS only


Feb 27, 2020
New Zealand
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Hi all
Hoping you can help solve this riddle. I can get CalDAV to work fine on two iMacs, but using the same server details and following cpanel's separate iOS instructions carefully, I can't get it to verify successfully on iOS for the same account. I've tried delete and repeat, restarted the device, checked passwords, urls, port 2080, but nothing seems to work.

Any tips?


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Nov 14, 2017

I just tested this using the instructions at How to Set Up Calendars and Contacts | cPanel & WHM Documentation in conjunction with the server settings provided at cPanel>>Email>>Email Accounts>>Manage>>Configure Calendars and Contacts on my iOS device running version 13.3.1with no issues can you confirm this is also what you're doing?

Alternatively, if you go to the webmail home page and select "set up email on your device" then select "Calendar" it should send you an email with a .mobileconfig file attached that will automatically configure your device.

If you're still experiencing issues you may need to reach out to the hosting provider to identify what is being logged to the cPDAVd specific error logs. As a Website Owner you wouldn't have access to view these unfortunately. They're located at: