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Nov 20, 2014
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Not really Cpanel/WHM related, hence why i'm posting in the general section.

I'm looking for a piece of windows software that would password protect a networked shared folder.
The users don't have active directory or even a workgroup for that matter.
They have access to a number of folders using a mapped drive (or two), everyone shares the same credentials to access these folders.

I've a few users who want to password protect a folder.

I mapped a hidden shared folder to the users PC's, on the basis that no one is particularly technical enough to
(a) Know how to map a drive
(b) Would even know that the hidden folder was there to map.

But the argument is that anyone could just come to his computer and gain access to the files.
In an ideal world, he wants a passworded shared folder.

I guess the only way to achieve this would be some client/server software that would prompt for a password to be used to open that folder.

I have also considered a password protected rar file, but this would rely on the users ensuring that the original file is removed.

Can anyone suggest anything, are any of our regulars using such a thing, appreciate any comments.