Can I construct a URL to auto-login WHM and go to a specific page?


Sep 1, 2007
I have a protected, secure web application, and in it I have a link to log into WHM...

This will log me into WHM, which is brilliant and makes my life so much easier.

There's one little step, though, that would make life even better: Is there a way to pass in the arguments the destination page I want? For example, I want to auto-login and go to:

Is there any way at all to construct a URL to allow me to do both: log in AND go to a specific page? Something like...

I looked at Secure Remote Logins, and it MAY work, but the documentation doesn't tell me how to get to /scripts11/fetch_mail_queue. I can't even find that script in /usr/local/cpanel

Many thanks in advance.