Can I transfer my computer store website to Cpanel?


Apr 9, 2012
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I have a computer store website. The domain name is -removed- , I am interested in switching to Cpanel. How can I do this? And if I can, will I lose my information?
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Jan 2, 2011
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Does the current website use cPanel?
If so, then you can migrate to any other provider using cPanel
Simply use the Backup Full Website facility on the outgoing provider, then Restore on the incoming provider
Sometimes Restore does not work at the incoming provider, depending on permissions, so you need to upload the .gz file then request the provider to restore from there (I upload mine to the public_ftp folder) and advise them it is in this folder name

If not, then it is slightly more complicated
Start off by disabling your website so that there are no customer and/or admin transactions (this requires advance planning, so choose a date/time when your website is least busy)
The first issue is eMail, I have still not found a method to transfer eMail from other interfaces into cPanel
I therefore advise customers to disable using it, read all eMail up to the transfer date, forward any they need to retain (or I perform this for them), and reload this on completion
The next issue is the html content
I simply download all of this onto local computer
Next comes the MySQL database, and download a backup copy
You then create your account in cPanel, upload all the html content from the local computer
The MySQL database takes a lttle more work, as you need to create a new database and user, then upload the backup
As the database name and username will most likely have changed these settings will probably have changed in the configuration file, so check these
The final step is to update the nameservers, if appropriate, then wait about 1 hour
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