Can not log on Horde. How to fix the problem?


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Jan 18, 2008
Hi Friends,

I've logged on my cPanel and wanted to access my Horde email box, but I've found the Horde login page (Welcome to Horde) seemed locked. I've clicked the "Log in" button but it cannot open. There is a lock sign in the "Log in" button. Is it really locked?? What's for?? How to solve the problem??

I usually use a Microsoft Office IMAP box that connects the Horde box to check emails. This is the first time I've tried to log on the Horde box from inside my cPanel but it can not open, since I've upgraded WHM/cPanel to 11.28.87-STABLE_51188.

Thank you very much for any help!!!
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Oct 2, 2010
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The lock would indicate it is using https for security rather than indicating that Horde is locked.

Do you show any errors in the browser at all when trying to log into Horde? If not, can you check the Horde message logs at /var/cpanel/horde/log/horde_0.log location to see if there are any errors reporting there?