Can not receive from one domain


Aug 8, 2005
“Today at about 1pm our mail server stopped processing mail from one domain in particular. Four sites on our server regularly receive mail from this universally trusted and nationally known domain. Our clients noticed it and called in to report they had not receive any mail since 1PM. We found none of the messages in the mail scanner virus quarantine or in the exim queue or in the mailbox, in fact they didn’t even show up in the mail scanner reports or in any of the logs. It was as if they did not hit our server at all. One receiving domain we can understand but not four and not at the same time from the same sender. We globally white listed the domain in question and re-started Mailscanner and then all the missing messages came through. As they came in you could see where the sender had made several attempts to send all of which had queued somewhere. No messages from this domain were ever marked as spam and we know it wasn’t blacklisted.

It is also worth noting that the CPU utilization rate was running rather high throughout this time.

My question is why would mail from one particular domain not go through and where did the messages go before they came through hours later? “ Has anyone experienced something similar using the most recent releases of Exim and MailScanner?


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Sep 23, 2003
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Check the source and destination domain names with dnsreport and make sure there are no any FAIL messages. The issue could appear if the DNS zone ofsome domain is incorrect.