Can plugin URI use a variable for the account domain name ?


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Oct 1, 2013
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Is it possible to have an icon in the cPanel which links to a URL containing the account's domain name?
For simplicity sake, let's say we want to have an icon "Visit your live website"
How to pull the domain name in to http://domain.tld ?

or "Check my WHOIS" - would need 2 variables to link directly to the URL with query string
(instead of linking to a page where the user has to type in his domain mnae)

Is there any built-in variable substitution done on the fly here?

I know I could link to a PHP or perl script that uses ENV vars and attempts to force a page meta refresh - icky.

Perhaps mod_rewrite ? where would I add those directives to turn %%cpanel%%/frontend/x3/mywhois
into http://thisserverhostdomain.tld/cgi-sys/whois?query=domain.tld
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