Can someone assist me with this client request regarding cpanel and whm?


Feb 16, 2004
A client of mine asks:
Query/Problem: I'm sorry to bother you with these simplistic questions. First off, when I look at the create a new account screen, I see what appears to be contradiction information. Under total accounts I see there are 2 used, 5 total, 3 available. However, under per account quantity limits, I see that there are quantities for each of the hosting packages and how many are left in each category. How does this work then? If I add a site to be hosted is that a new account or a "sub-account"? Does the total accounts have to do with how many "cpanels" are used?

I guess I want to have a good handle on my "add-a new-account" procedure. As I look at the wm menu some things make sense, others look 'I better just look at them and not touch them' (lol). So, if I could get some more info to be sure I approach it as it was intended, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Could you guys give me a few quick pointers on the new-account procedure and maybe something relevant to his request?

Thank you