can still access to deleted site and files


Nov 10, 2020
south africa
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Been busy making a php website and noticed my changes do not show on the site so I made a file and went to it, then deleted it and I was still able to access the deleted file, the file also does not update on the server once I access it once so if i make a folder called 123 and a folder inside called asdf and access the site if I add another folder to 123 It wont show up on the site but it will show if I make it inside asdf at least until I access it.

Was thinking it might be a caching issue until I used my phone to access the site and everything was loading like normal including changes until today when my phone stopped getting the changes as well, I do use an extension to clear my cache for every 5 mins or so and have cleared it manually.
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Nov 20, 2014
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In my experience, this will be browser cache related.
If you're 100% confident that it's not browser cache, then does your site or host utilise any website caching like cloudflare.