Can we PLEASE have a way to hide the Full Backup?


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May 24, 2006
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This has been a point of contention for years and I'm hoping to get the ability to handle this UI feature for end-user visibility issue from within the Feature Manager itself.

There are obviously two "Backup" icons in the user's cPanel - one is the "Backup" icon and the other is the "Backup Wizard" icon, the latter of which helps get us close but not quite where some of us would like to be.

Issue - end-users do not realize the difference between "Full" Backup and "Partial" backup. This results in users on small limited storage shared hosting plans just clicking Backup or Full Backup, not realizing it's going to generate a tar file into their /home/user/ folder, and using up all of their disk space.

Goal - end-users need to be able to instinctively click to backup that Home and Databases generated as a download to their computer, instead of to an obscure file on the server that they don't even know is there or what to do with. We just want them to be able to download a "Partial Backup / Partial Restore" file for their Home and their Database, instead of generating a large tar file into their /home and not having any clue from there forward.

Fact - In the "Backup Wizard" there is the "Partial Backups" option which truly addresses this. The user can click to download a backup of the Database and click to download a backup of their Home , right to their computer, both easily used for Restore, without generating a huge file to their hosting account that is only useful for migration and not useful at all as a quick restore method.

Proposed Solution - PLEASE give us the ability to hide the "Backup" and "Full Backup" icons, so that the end-user can simply use the "Backup Wizard" to download their Database and Home right to their local computer.

In the 20+ years I've been paying for cPanel, I've yet to find a user that understands the distinction, and ultimately that takes away our ability to tell them "simply maintain your own local backups, and grab them before you do any major changes to your (example) WordPress site, so that you can quickly restore them if something goes wrong during your (example) WordPress updates".

What we continue to see is users just hitting the "Backup" button, not realizing it's going to double their disk usage with a file they don't even know how to find and cannot quickly be used to restore things themselves.

Maybe I'm underestimating the complexity of this, but it seems that it would be very easy to (via the Feature Manager) give us small hosts the ability to just display the Partial Backup options of "Download Database" and "Download Home Directory" buttons and put this nonsense to an end finally. I can't even count how many times a customer has exceeded their disk quota and broken their site, with no easy recourse, because they don't know (and cannot be expected to know) the difference between a full backup tar file generated to the /home on the server as opposed to a backup file that they cant generate as a direct download to their computer.

Is it really that complicated to make the Backup features separate ones that we can toggle visibility for in the cPanel UI for users via our WHM Feature Manager? As of right now, we only have two choices - either hide the backup features entirely, or enable them and give the user 5 different confusing ways to do it right or wrong (usually wrong).

We just want the user to be able to download the restorable backups of their /home and DB in a simple timely fashion, without wondering why they just doubled their disk quota usage and still have no way to restore it themselves.

</rant> </long-overdue-feature-request>
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