Can we use DNS Cluster on different OS's at different data centers?


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May 24, 2006
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I'm hoping that this is something that can be answered on here and maybe even someone can chime in who already has experience doing it.

I currently have some servers running RHEL 5 in one data center with one company. I use my own DNS and Nameservers, and I use WHM DNS Clustering so that I can create a customer account on any of the servers and the DNS is all synced across them using the WHM DNS Clustering feature.

In preparation to migrate and upgrade to newer servers with RHEL 6 (to switch from EasyApache 3 to EA4 and take advantage of the multi PHP versions, among other obvious important reasons) I'm considering purchasing my new servers from a completely different company in a completely different data center / different location.

This brings me to a few questions and concerns:

- Is it possible and safe to add the new servers at the new data center to my existing WHM DNS Cluster at the old data center?

- Also, is possible / safe / compatible to add newer RHEL 6 servers to my existing WHM DNS Cluster of RHEL 5 servers?

- If the answer is yes to the two questions above, would it be OK to have different versions of things like PHP and MySQL running on the new servers that I add to the cluster? For example, can I add a RHEL 6 server with PHP 5.6 to a WHM DNS Cluster of RHEL 5 servers with PHP 5.4 etc... ?

The main things that would be the same among all servers would be that I run suPHP handler, latest "Release tier" version of cPanel, and CSF/LFD from ConfigServer.

I'm grateful for any responses, advice, shared experiences, and other info.
Thank you!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Yes, it's acceptable to use servers from a different data center in a DNS cluster. Some administrators actually do this on-purpose for added redundancy. Also, yes, cPanel and cPanel DNS-Only servers on different operating systems are compatible.

Different versions of Apache and PHP are fine because it's only the DNS that's clustered.

Thank you.
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