Feb 9, 2012
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Alright friends, before you really start shaking your heads, yes I am a super newbie when it comes to this cPanel stuff, just keep in mind we all started from zero, so please be patient with me! My philosophy is simple: the dumbest question is the one that isn't asked...

cPanel - as a domain reseller, is it possible to customize cPanel (for example) so that your users will only be able to do things like manage their own domains, access/setup/manage email and access only certain applications within their own cPanel? I would be like a super user/admin in this case.

My plan is to resell websites to a niche market and add domain sales/management as an additional stream of recurring income. I don't want users (again another example) to install their own Wordpress as I will be hosting a specialized WP install optimized for WP websites. Am I making sense here?

Now, assuming this *is* possible, who in the industry allows you to do this? Currently I am with GoDaddy as a reseller only so I can get my head wrapped around the possibilities for domain reselling and management. If someone else has what I am looking for (above) I would gladly switch!

BTW if you know of anyone with a cPanel hosting that includes a files dropbox, even better!

Thanks in advance from the newbie,


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Yes, this is possible through the use of feature lists. You can create feature lists via the Feature Manager in Web Host Manager:

Feature Manager

Then, you would create or modify packages to use the custom feature list.

Thank you.