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Feb 25, 2010
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You posted your message as a reply to a post that is over four (4) years old. Since it is unlikely that the original poster is still having the same problem, I have moved your post to its own new thread. The original thread was:


Do you see an error in your browser when you try to access cPanel, or does the browser simply tell you it has timed out?

First, rule out any firewall on your server. The following section of our documentation explains how to deactivate the iptables firewall on a Linux server:

Troubleshooting a Recent Installation

Try again to access cPanel. If you are still not able to access cPanel, use the following commands to see if anything is listening on the cPanel ports:

# netstat -nalp|grep :2086
# netstat -nalp|grep :2082
Finally, for faster assistance, you are welcome to submit a ticket. If we are given direct access to the server via a ticket, we can usually isolate this type of problem relatively quickly.