Cannot access Freebsd via SSH on port 22 [moved]


Jul 25, 2005

We acquired a new FreeBSD server but for some reason we cannot access SSH on port 22.
The only way we can access the server is from another one of our Unix boxes using

ssh -l root <ip address> but we need to open it so we can use putty to access the box.

The ssh daemon is running and ssh is defined in rc.local but we still cannot access it from putty, Also, port 22 is open in /etc/ssh/sshd_config using protocol 2.

Any FreeBSD experts know what else needs to be done? Netstat shows port 22 is listening as well and i have restarted ssh multiple times and still cannot access using putty.

Im confused as to what the problem may be. One more thing, there is no firewall currently running.