Cannot boot up server after Cpanel installation (at GRUB)


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Feb 22, 2002
Currently we are on Fedora Core 2, kernel 2.6.5(smp) with libATA.

After installing Cpanel our server stopped to work. The servers boots up we see 4 letters only on the screen : "Grub" and the Grub loader does not load. The keyboard does not work.

We used our rescue disc to get back into the system and found that Cpanel has installed kernel 2.6.8 and has altered our grub.conf- even when we changed our grub.conf back to our old settings, the server still did not work. Hence the Cpanel installation must have done something to not only grub.conf but also the Grub loader files.

We have been constantly advised that we should re-format our hardisk but we feel that even if we should spend the time formatting the harddrive, the exact same problem would recur. Because the installation would bring about the installation of a new kernel and new grub loader files which is what is causing the server not to load.

In conclusion, from the evidence that we have here, it seems that Cpanel DOES mess with the kernel and HAS installed another kernel and HAS altered our grub.conf. But what business does Cpanel have in altering Kernel/Grub and other very sensitive configuration settings.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and shed light on the issue? Please do not post any messages telling us to reformat our hardisk.


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Apr 7, 2003
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cpanel itself did not mess with your grub or kernel

what messed with the grub and kernel is your yum settings.

yum by default will update your kernel when its ran and cpanel runs yum to make sure all system files and libs are up to date
you need to set yum to NOT update the kernel and then your problems will stop