Cannot cancel a monthly license from dashboard


Jul 16, 2022
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I have only one cPanel license.
And, I stopped using it long ago. But, my credit card keeps getting charged 1st of every month.
And, I already canceled the license before 1st of July and yet it is not canceled while the license still shows "pending cancelation".
Another invoice was generated on 1st of July and my credit card was charged.

Just want to know when will my credit card stop getting charged for what I am not using?
I also clicked the Support button and wrote an email but did not get any confirmation to my email. So, I am suspicious that they will even reply.
The system is buggy. I was not being able to set my credit card earlier long ago (1-2 years back) and they helped me on chat.
But, do not see chat support anymore. My credit card is being charged every month but I do not see my credit card on payment methods page.
This is bad. Did not expect from a company like cPanel.

Sorry do not know where to go further, so started this topic on forum.