Cannot change password of new shell user


Jan 17, 2017
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
So I'm following the instructions here:
How to Create a WHM Reseller Without An Associated Domain - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation

At step 3 it says to type, "passwd username" which I do and instead of it prompting me for a new password, it says:

Expected site to be a 3 part domain eg

Yes I am logged in as root, an no the "manpage" for passwd does not make any mention of a "site" variable I'm supposed to be passing.

There is no "site" for this user. Its a simple shell account.

My goal here is to set up someone with access to the WHM so they can quickly jump into the cpanel of any account on the site, without having permissions to the server security, reboot, global config etc.

Can anyone help?