Cannot create A records for my nameservers!



We installed a new cPanel box. At first we tried to add A records for our nameservers but we kept getting the rndc error. Then ran the /scripts/fixndc. Still after trying to add the A record for my nameservers and host name i get: Add Complete

but this is not the normal status messages associated with the creation of an A record. When looking at &edit dns records& section i DO NOT find the records for my nameserver or host name. Its just not being created. /var/named does not show the record nor does /etc/named.conf contain any entry associated with a nameserver.

This is Cpanel 5.3.0-S116. Anyone know whats going on here?

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Although I don't know the cause of the problem, have you tried manually inserting? Edit DNS then:

Add New Entries Below this Line
ns1 14400 IN A
ns2 14400 IN A