Cannot get my Apple calendar to send invites using my CalDAV calendar

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ios 12.4.6
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May 25, 2020
South Africa
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Hi All

I have tried everything I can think of and have hit a roadblock.
I hope someone can assist.

I have an iPad (and I tested this on an iPod as well).

I have a personal icloud account on that device.
I now added an IMAP email account to the device.
I also add a calDAV account to the device, as per instructions from my cPanel support guys.

Both were added successfuly.

If i go into my Apple calendar app, add an event, and want to invite users to it, I cannot, as I set the calDAV account as the account to us. The "invitees" feature does not appear on my event setup.
The only way to send the event is to create an event, choose the calendar associated with the iCloud account, then the "invitees" feature appears. BUT of course, it then sends an event using my personal address and not my IMPA work address.

I called apple support, and my server support people - no luck.

Is there something I need to do, to link my IMAP email account to my CALDAV calendar account?

Please assist...


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Nov 14, 2017

I tested this today with a Calendar I added to my own system running macOS using the MacMail client and found that I can send to remote addresses but event invites arrive at local addresses on the calendar but are not sent a notification. I tested this behavior within the calendar portion of Roundcube as well with the same outcome when inviting attendees from the same domain. I believe this would warrant some further investigation as I did find that when using the UI with Horde it was able to successfully send/receive event notifications via email and update status.

Can you please open a ticket using the link in my signature? Once open please reply with the Ticket ID here so that we can update this thread with the resolution once the ticket is resolved.