Cannot Log in to cPanel Unless I Re-Set the Password in Every Time


Jan 2, 2020
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Root Administrator
Am using a shared hosting provider. I cannot log in to my cPanel unless I reset the password every time I log in. After I reset it I can log in. Then I try to log in again and cannot. I change the cPanel pass again in the account management panel and can log in. I use the new pass and cannot log in. My cache is cleared with (5) different browsers and I do a DNS flush on my local machine. The "cpsess" token is not in the URL when I launch the cPanel log in link from a utility I use. It's in the URL after I log in. Then it changes every time I change the password. My shared hosting provider gave me a link about "cpsess" but the info was not helpful. I don't get the HTTP error 401 Invalid security token error. Mostly the error is "The login is invalid" Or my shared hosting provider has said "your browser cannot handle the sessions" --- whatever that means. I've tried with (5) different browsers. Mainly I use Chrome. Does not matter if I copy and paste pass or manually input Username/pass. Same result. Your advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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