SOLVED Cannot log in to WHM

Matt Sartori

Feb 7, 2016
Indianapolis, IN USA
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I'm trying to log in to WHM using my root user. This has worked for years and the password has not changed.

I can log in to my server using SSH and SFTP with the root username/password but every time I try logging-in to WHM (and on every browser) I'm told that the login is invalid.

Is there a script I can run to fix this?

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Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! There isn't any difference between the root user over SSH and the root user in WHM, so I would expect the same password to work in both areas.

It's possible your access has been limited due to a tool like cPHulk detecting odd activity on the server. Could you work through some of the options here to see if that is the case? cPHulk Management on the Command Line | cPanel & WHM Documentation